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Have you been out in the boat on a sunny day with the sails set at a lazy reach and glanced up to see a fin sticking out of the water on starboard? What is that?
Or how about those dolphin, why are they always smiling?

And here's a true story! Juan, Terry, Andrew and I were holed up in the boat one evening enjoying a rousing game of Spite and Malice when we decided a fresh cup of coffee would hit the spot. Alas, as is usually the case in moments such as this, the water tanks were empty. But don't fret, Juan trudged up the ladder and out onto the dock to fill 'er up. We were chatting quietly below when we heard a loud exclamation coming from Juan as he appeared in the open companionway. And as he held up a wiggling, hefty foot-long mackerel he sputtered, "Look what just FELL on my head........After a lot of laughter and giving the guy a hard time, we pondered on the adventures of the mack and how he was going to explain it when he got home.... "well, hon, it was like this, I was swimming along, minding my own business when I got airborne (probably by one of the pelicans or blue heron here in the harbor)

 Well, then, I was flying! through the air and did a one point landing right on this round dome and then this monster picked me up and I was introduced to some of the strangest beings I've ever seen, and then I went flying through the air again, and well, here I am. That's the fish's story, but we aboard now know the real meaning of "Holy Mackerel"!

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