San Diego Harbor Map
32░39.10'N - 117░13'.50'W
San Diego, California USA

Harbor Map

The Port of San Diego is a big place, especially when you're in a small boat, and compared to some of the air
 craft carriers that call the bay home, we are all small!  In order to do justice to the many faces and areas of 
the the harbor, we have divided it up into 8 different areas.  They are:

1. Outer Waters
2. Point Loma - Entrance
3.  Shelter Island
4.  Harbor Island
5.  Downtown
6.  South Bay - Chula Vist
a & The Cays
7.  Coronado 
Under each of the interest sections, we will try to let you know in what part of the harbor the activity or facility is located.  Whoa, lots do see and do!
Remember though, San Diego Harbor is home to many naval vessels and the Coast Guard rules are:
All vessels within 500 yards of a U.S. naval vessel must operate at the minimum speed necessary to maintain a safe course and proceed as directed by the official patrol (a Coast Guard commissioned, warrant or petty officer; or the commanding officer of a naval vessel or the designee).
 Vessels are not allowed within 100 yards of a U.S. naval vessel, unless authorized by the official patrol.

If you have any local knowledge, favorite sailing grounds, great eats, good viewpoints or comments, please let us know, this site is for you and we want you to use it!

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