Dana Point Accommodations, Hotels & Bivouacs
Dana Point Harbor
33░27.4'N - 117░41.4'W

Accommodation/Ac*com`mo*da"tion\ n. Hotels\Ho*tel\n. & Bivouacs\Biv'ou-ac\, n. def: a) a place to put one's head after a long day, similar to a hatrack, b) a place of rest, relaxation and respite; c) a house for entertaining strangers or travelers; an inn or public house; d) could be a "Home for Wayward Sailors", nevertheless, a haven within a haven!

Need a get-away or a bed ashore?
Dana Point Harbor is a beautiful little marina with spectacular views, temperate weather and some great places to stay, all within walking distance of your slip, the anchorage and the coffee shop!  Check out  the Marina Inn, located on the cove side of the harbor, the Doubletree Guest Suites at Doheny, the Blue Lantern Inn Bed & Breakfast overlooking the harbor or the the Marriott Laguna Cliffs Resort with a view of the coastline south. You will have a good time, whatever your choice!


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