Catalina Island - Accommodations
33░22'.N - 118░22'W
Catalina Island, California USA

There are many fine guest accommodations on the island, ranging from the brand new, full-service hotel to the more intimate bed and breakfasts.   

A few of our favorites include:  
The Hotel Catalina - Definitely Victorian with a bit of a tropical isle flavor served up with old world elegance!  And all the advantages of a modern establishment too!
Hotel St. Lauren - Another Victorian charmer and renovated in 1999, is 775 feet to the beach and can accommodate large groups in 6 floors of rosewood and afternoon tea.
Hotel Villa Portofino - Offering more of a European ambiance across from the promenade on the "quieter" end of town. And with a very good Italian  Ristorante, this is truly an elegant setting

Catalina also offers those of you who want to find your shore legs the opportunity to stay ashore at numerous campgrounds.

There is a campground in Avalon and that is at Hermit Gulch on the road up to the Wrigley Memorial about a mile from town and is a fairly civilized as far as camp facilities go, including water, restrooms, tables and neighbors.  Reservations are needed.   310/510-8367

Parsons Landing, just west of Emerald Bay, is for the hardy, with some water and toilets. You can get there by hiking or by boat.  310/510-7265

Two Harbors Campground is a fun place for love it here!  They must, there always seems to be a lot of them.  Just a quarter of mile, not even a hike from Isthmus Harbor, most of the niceties of home, ranging from tents (which you can rent as well as all other needed gear) to camping cabins along with tables, barbecues, showers and water are available.  310-/510-8368

Little Harbor also has a small primitive campground providing fresh water and toilets.   You can hike into this one or transportation from Isthmus (about 7 miles west of Little Harbor) is available but check.  310/510-7265

Want to look at the ocean from the top of Catalina?  Then Black Jack Campground is for you, but only if you like to hike.  Water, showers and toilet facilities available at the 1400 foot campground.  310/510-7265

Back to the coast!  Got a big group going over with you?  Provide them with their own land base while you wave from the boat.  There are about 10 little harbors where the Conservancy will allow all your guests to camp.  Check with them at 310/510-1745 or in Avalon at their offices or the Visitor Services at Isthmus.  Just remember, take out what you drop off take in!


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