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Boating is not just a pastime,
its a way of living!

Welcome aboard and to our world, the one that centers around bodies of water; seas, oceans, lakes  and even little ponds. Our intent at Sailors Choice is to give you a taste of this lifestyle,  whether its sailing, living aboard, cruising, power boating or paddlin' as well as new information and ideas and to provide access to "old" information. 
Ship's Store, Chandlery,
At the Dock,Off to Sea
  Ullman Sails

Harbors, Havens
and Ports

from Santa Barbara, California
to Ensenada, Mexico
and in between

Moorings & Slips
where to put it

Yacht Clubs
home away from home


Who's who

Hotels & Bivouacs

hang your hat

Restaurants, Eateries,
Pubs & Taverns

Banquet & Party

for your next pahtay!


Sailing & Boating
Schools, Instruction

time to learn

Seamanship &

Buy & Sell

Yacht Charters
boating by the day

Fishing Charters
fish or cut bait

About Marine

Marine Finance
show me the money

Marine Insurance
What you need to know
& where to get it

About Sails &
Sail Lofts

& Boatyards

Boating Services

maintenance, repair 

Maintenance Tips
brightwork to stains

Nautical Terms
a-z, phrases

Nautical History
& Tall Ships

Sea Shanties,Boating
and Ocean Songs

All About Cruising
time to go?


you can go on!

Worldwide Ports
it's a big world!

& Travel Services

the need to know

The Doctor is In

Sailing &
Boating Software

its here,
wish you were beautiful!

Sun, Stars,
Moon & Tides

Local Notice
to Mariners

  Sea Scouts

Coast Guards
& Navies

Harbor Patrol
& Authorities

Towing &
Emergency Services
just in case

Deja Vu Dribble
and Live Aboard

etc., etc., etc……
questions & answers

Something missed?

Aquariums &
Marine Centers

internet guide

Under There?

We hope this is a user friendly site that you visit to learn more about sailing, boating and the waters of the world, whether it be on their surfaces, beside them or beneath them.  As varied as the waters, so are the interests of humankind.  We ask your support by your comments, requests and submissions of  information, stories and photos.
Thank you

Sailors Choice

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